Web Watch

Understanding Web Watch

After you set-up a web watch, Awesome Goat will periodically visit the web page you have specified and analyze the content. When the goat identifies a new logical item on the said page, that item will appear in your timeline.

What websites people usually watch

Awesome Goat is a generic tool and people use it for various purposes.

  • Equity and debt investors watch pages of various companies get notified when new information is published
  • Real-estate investors watch pages of various listings firms to get sense of a market, to archive offers and to get unified pane of glass to see new offers.
  • Investors also watch pages of various government bodies to get notified when new information, regulation or ruling appears.
  • Readers of all kinds like to set-up Web Watches of their favorite bloggers or media houses.


How I want to improve web watches in future?

  • Generic improvements to the automated recognition model
  • Captcha and blocking evasion
  • Automatic tagging
  • Reddit support
  • Twitter support
  • LinkedIn support