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Not time but your focus is the most precious commodity. Let the goat digest the web for you and avoid the distraction.

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Web Notifications

Subscribe to any web page on the internet. Get notified only when a new item appears in the structure of that web page.

Business Use

Get ahead of events. Observe web presence of your clients, prospects, competitors, peers, or investmentees. Notice patterns early.


Share streams of notifications with your team. Research topics together and build shared awareness over time. Tag important items for your boss.

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Reclaim Control

Design your own information flow. Manage your subscriptions. Sort, categorize, search, mark as seen, and bookmark items for later.

Reclaim Inner Calm

This is not your dopamine fix. It's not a slot machine. No randomness. No unlimited scroll. No advertisers. Not designed for addiction.

Reclaim Privacy

I am independent. I don't sell advertisements. I would rather go out of business than sell customer data. No analytics cookies. No tracking cookies.

Founder's thoughts

Why Am I Building This?

The story starts in 2011 when I bought my first shares of Corning Inc (NYSE:GLW).

I knew that for the investment to be successful, I will have to monitor the company, the industry, their peers, and the customers. I was acutely aware that my understanding of the investment game is limited and it will take time and effort to build a deeper understanding.

Since then, I have been making progress by reading a lot and trading a little. My reading has become more focused, more critical, but surprisingly not more efficient. Getting ahead of events and not missing important bits of information required too much of my daily energy. Exhausted, I wondered how everybody else handles this??

I came up with this foggy idea of a software that would allow me to create my own timeline of the text fragments found on the internet, but I was dubious it was at all doable.

Only after I've met multiple independent creators and SaaS founders, I become energized to give this a try.

Now, I am building Awesome Goat as a side project. Primarily for myself, but I am allowing outside users to come and bring new ideas and to make me end up with better solutions that I would ever require for myself alone. Ultimately, my goal is to remain independent and slowly pile in investor-centric features and perhaps build a small community of users around this service.

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Build your own timeline

This is pre-alpha free-of-charge version.