User Manual

Awesome Goat is a reader app that lets you subscribe to any page on the web.

People use this app to subscribe to various sources; news, blogs, podcasts, real-estate listings, corporate news, events, and reports, regulatory announcements, local town hall announcements, court filings, cinema programs, etc.

This is a public free-of-charge alpha version of the service. This site is still under active development. I am looking for ideas on how to improve this service. Please use feedback form to help improve it.

How it works?

Awesome Goat crawls the web pages, recognizes and collects the web fragments and composes a custom timeline out of these fragments. It is a rather simple three step process.

  • You tell the goat which web pages you would like to follow
  • Goat will periodically scrape these pages, and extract web fragments found there
  • If anything new is found, it will appear on your timeline inside the app

It is built for efficiency. You should see only the information you elect to consume, and You will have the ability to explicitly mark off items as seen and thus not waste much time and focus.