The Introduction

Dec 1, 2022

Hello, 👋

The Blog ✍️

I am starting my blog in 2022! 🎊 It is never too late, I guess. 🤷

I will be writing about the following three topics:

We are living in an era of short attention span, so my number #1 goal is to write short blogs; Micro blogs that you read faster than you can even close the window.

My aspiration is to write original content. But that means you may be surprised and shocked from time to time. But my number one goal is to honestly explore the reality we are sharing on this planet.

Who am I? 👯

An Introvert (my partner calls me asperger).

A reader; conscious of my above average curiosity. As if I have been primarily motivated by understanding the world around us.

A technologist, I have contributed code to hundreds of open source projects. Snippets of my code can be found mainly in datacenters, but also at the International Space Station.

An investor. Public markets are feedback devices for testing my theories. The most precious structure for me. Here is how it works: I make a bet. And if I lose money, I know I have misunderstood the world around us. if I make money, I am less sure and I repeat the exercise.

A fan of bad jokes, but I will try to censor that.

A goat, but looking for a human.

My ideal day 🌞

My ideal day is spent in a cottage in the middle of the forest. I would grind and brew my coffee. Kiss my partner, release the kids to the garden. And then disappear to the attic with a huge monitor and read and read and read. Then perhaps in the afternoon, I would light up a hookah and create a little bit of ambiguity for someone to get the conversation going.